Jundo for Athletics

The JUNDO PREDICTOR© can predict times for Athletics races run either on the Track or on the Road.

It can be used to help predict the best possible times of races, regardless of the calibre of the athletes, whether they are World Record holders or Junior Club athletes. The only criteria required is that they are dedicated & can run all the distances under consideration as well as their ability allows.

For Track races, the minimum input distance (or distance for predictions) is 400m. It is NOT suitable to predict times for 100m or 200m races or use those distances as input.

All races are assumed to be run in the same contemporary "form", either for current race predictions or historic ones, i.e. if you are using a 1500m time and a 3000m time to predict an 800m or 5000m or 10000m time, it is assumed your 1500m and 3000m races were run in the same "form" (i.e. at least in the same year). All races are assumed also to have been run at the same altitude and atmospheric conditions.

The races must also be of a comparable "quality" in order to be useful as input. The "quality" evaluation can only be ascertained through one's personal experience :

i.e. A runner who can run 1500m in 3'30.00 but runs 3000m in only 8'00.00 does NOT have races of a comparable "quality" and predictions for 400m & 800m using those inputs will NOT be realistic. In this case, another comparable "quality" time is required with the 1500m one - In the "real world", the athlete concerned is most likely to be interested with their predicted 800m time and should use their current (season's best) 400m time in conjunction with their 1500m time to predict their 800m time.

In addition, generally

Road races inputted are assumed to have been run under identical flat courses at the same altitude and atmospheric conditions.

Example use for Road Races

Example use for Track Races