Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do I press the calculate button?

A. When you have supplied inputs that you want to validate. Alternatively, just supply the inputs and prediction distances, and then press the button. All the validation and calculations will be done in one go.

Q. The field appears to be read only. Why can't I enter a distance?

A. If the units is set on half or full marathon then you will not be able to enter a numeric distance. To make this more obvious, the distance field background changes to point to the units field to show that has override. First set an alternative unit and confirm it by pressing the calculate button. Now you can type in the numeric distance.

Q. The number I had in the distance field has just disappeared! Why?

A. You switched the units to half or full marathon. These units do not expect any numeric value. So the field is automatically blanked. You will not be able to enter a multiple of marathons.