Step by Step

  1. Please familiarise yourself with the following instructions.
  2. Launch the Jundo Predictor© from the left Links Menu. (Read the instruction first, then start it!)
  3. First enter the distance for the race 1. See the How to enter a Distance section below.
  4. Chose a unit of distance from the drop down list. In this example we leave it on Metres.
  5. Then enter the time for the race 1. See the How to enter a Time section below.
  6. Enter the distance and time for the second race
  7. Fill in some distances that you want predicted. You do not have to complete every distance field. Just leave a distance blank and it will be ignored
  8. Press the calculate button to have the entire page processed
  9. See the results:

How to enter a Distance

Races distances can be entered in Metres, Kilometers, Yards, Miles, Miles and Yards, 1/2 Marathon or marathon.

Decimal and/or Fractional input can be used for the distance.

For full and half marathon units, leave the numeric distance field blank.

When using the miles+yards unit, you must enter two distances separated by a plus sign.

How to enter a Time

Times can be entered in a choice of formats. Use which ever you feel comfortable with! The three formats are:

All the above are equivalent.

Time entered or displayed must be less than one day.

Using Multiple Sheets

A handy feature of Jundo Predictor is the ability to see more than one sheet of inputs and results on the page. Up to 4 sheets of data can be viewed side by side on the page. Going multi-sheet can be helpful for these examples:

System Requirements

By keeping all Jundo Predictor© calculations web based, the service should be available to many types of computer and operating system.

Cookies may be used to enhance the operation of the site and services, or supply feedback to help improve the website.

Certain features of the Jundo Predictor (e.g. field blanking and/or validation) are enhanced by Javascript code. Where possible the site and the Jundo Predictor have been written so that much of it is still possible when the Javascript is not operating.

Simple and flexible.

The input formats for time and distance give you freedom to chose metric or imperial units, and a variety of styles.

The prediction times are displayed in the same format as that used for the Input 1.